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We Are Compound Clothing

Compound Clothing is a full service wrestling apparel company located just south of Atlanta, Georgia.  Founded 6 years ago, we have grown to be one of the biggest brands in wrestling today.

Owner, Cliff Fretwell has an unparalleled passion for wrestling and apparel design.  Cliff spends every hour of every day constantly pushing the envelope in both realms always keeping the CMP brand an innovative entity in the wrestling industry.

Our company is driven with passion.  The CMP skill set is a unique and talented group of individuals with a daily passion for their area of expertise. Our unique and industry leading designs come from a very driven design team that work along-side our production department that is constantly finding new ways to enhance the final product for our clients.

We are a family of wrestlers working every day to provide you with the best products on the market.  We will work hard to not just earn your business but to make you a life-long customer.  Compound Clothing is committed to providing you with the best wrestling gear and apparel in the business!

You haven’t seen us?

If you have seen brands such as David Taylor’s M2 and Flips Wrestling you have seen Compound.  These are just two strong examples of our brand creation and marketing force.

Giving Back…

Compound Clothing has sponsored over 10 Olympic Hopefuls.  We believe in giving back to the cause and helping these athletes make their dreams come true.  Wrestling is our passion!